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Tredu Magazine

Tampere Vocational College Tredu information and customer magazine 2021

Get Tredu's latest news in our customer magazine! The magazine was published in print in January 2021, an English summary is available on our website.


Dear reader of Tredu Magazine

In the Tredu Magazine, you can get the latest news of Tredu, the second largest vocational education and training provider in Finland. Tredu is a great choice for acquiring vocational education - you have 26 vocational qualifications and further and specialist vocational qualifications in various fields to choose from. First, our heads of department tell you current news from the Tredu three priority areas.

Enjoy reading, welcome to study at Tredu!

Outi Kallioinen
Director, Vocational Education

A sustainable way of life at Tredu

For us at Tredu, a sustainable lifestyle is about caring. We care about students, staff, and the world proudly, boldly and fairly. Our development targets include waste sorting, transport, and reduction of food waste. When each of us takes one small considerate step, the well-being of all increases.

Head of Division
Virpi Siiranen

Entrepreneurship of the future at Tredu

Entrepreneurial skills, i.e. the ability to work as an entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial attitude, are important in the working life of the future. At Tredu, entrepreneurship is reflected in many different ways. Students can take entrepreneurship courses, or study with an entrepreneurial mindset, for example in apprenticeship training. Our students can try out entrepreneurship already during their studies.

Head of Division
Regina Blom

A technologically smarter future at Tredu

At Tredu, we promote the use of various technologies. Our goal is to enable the use of virtual learning environments and robotics in all our offices. Welcome to Tredu to train in the fields of the future and acquire knowledge!

Head of Division
Ari Mäkitalo

Joint application system 2021

In the joint application system for vocational education in the spring of 2021, Tredu offers 26 different upper secondary level qualifications at our units around Pirkanmaa. The national joint application system for secondary education is open from 23 February to 23 March 2021. The results of the student selections will be published in June 2021. You can submit your application in the Joint Application System at