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The “boys” defeated the suits

Olli Koro became an entrepreneur unexpectedly. He worked as a salesperson at the Team Sportia-10 hockey store until he got the opportunity to become the owner of the store. While working, Koro is also studying at Tredu for a further vocational qualification in entrepreneurship in order to gain the new skills he will need.

Olli Koro had been happy working as a salesperson in Sportia-10 in Kaleva in Tampere for ten years, when the doors of the store opened and three men in suits entered with their briefcases. They made a purchase offer to the owners of the Sportia-10 store, Seppo and Pirjo Hiitelä.

Koro wondered what the change of owners would mean. Koro and his colleague Jarmo Rantanen decided to make an offer for the store. The Hiiteläs were pleased - they preferred to leave the store for their “own boys".

Mastering financial skills for entrepreneurs

As a new entrepreneur, Koro realized that he needed more education and decided to enrol in Tredu to study for a further vocational qualification in entrepreneurship. He is especially looking forward to the optional courses in finance.

The strength of Sportia-10 is personal customer service

Sportia-10 equips professionals all the way up to the NHL, but the store owners know what the root of everything is. Juniors of all ages and personal service to them is a matter of honour for the store. Even the youngest customer is a customer whose wishes and needs are discussed. Some of the customers from the early years of the store now come to buy skates and rackets for their grandchildren.

Did you know...

  • Tredu offers entrepreneurship studies for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs and also provides various training services for human resources development.
  • Even after a long career, you can come to Tredu to study for a further vocational qualification or a specialist vocational qualification.