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A technologically smarter future

Social and health care students are experts on wellness technologies

When smart technology is taken to the homes of the elderly, they manage better and can stay longer in home care. Health and wellness technology has been part of Tredu social and health care training since 2017.

Students have taken technology on board

On the Tredu Santalahti campus you can find a smart home where the students for a Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care practice their nursing skills. The use of technology in nursing raises ethical questions among the students. They wonder whether robotics and technology can replace human care. As they become familiar with health and wellness technology, the students will find that the technology gives the caregiver more time to spend with the client.

Examples of health and wellness technologies used by Tredu

1. Pepper is a social robot that observes its surroundings using a camera, ultrasound, and laser and infrared sensors. Pepper is utilized e.g. in customer service situations.

2. The Evondos medicine robot stores medicines safely at home. By speaking, the robot instructs the client to take the right medications at the right time.

3. With a virtual T-shirt, human anatomy can be displayed on the screen of a tablet or a phone.

4. VR glasses can help in the rehabilitation of people with reduced mobility and take the elderly on virtual journeys.

5. The robotic cat is intended for the care of people with memory disorders or for working with children. Nemo responds to speech. It purrs, meows, washes its face, and can roll on its back.