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Vocational education for different life situations

Vocational diplomas are vocational qualifications, further vocational qualifications, and specialist vocational qualifications. By getting a vocational qualification you can update and maintain your professional skills. You can get a vocational qualification flexibly. At Tredu, you can complete a qualification or get a partial qualification.

With a vocational qualification you are eligible to apply for further studies, i.e. you can apply to study in a university of applied sciences or a university.

Vocational qualification

With a vocational qualification, you demonstrate the professional skills acquired and the knowledge and skills required for employment in the field. A vocational qualification is suitable for a person who does not have a previous qualification or long work experience in the field.

Further vocational qualification

With a further vocational qualification, you demonstrate professional skills that are targeted to the needs of working life and more profound than the skills acquired with a vocational qualification: A vocational qualification is suitable for someone who already has a basic education in the field or has acquired an equivalent competence in working life.

Specialist vocational qualification

With a specialist vocational qualification, you demonstrate in-depth, diversified professional expertise targeted toward the needs of working life. The qualification is intended for those who, after basic training in the field, have developed their professional skills and gained a solid work experience in the field.

Competence from working life: Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship training is suitable for students of all ages and for those already in employment. The apprenticeship training is always planned together with the employer. The student is employed and paid a salary.

Continuous admissions for adult students

In the continuous application system for Tredu you can apply for vocational education throughout the year. The continuous admission is open to anyone - including applicants who have already completed a vocational qualification or a university degree.

The TreduNavi application service will help you apply to become a student.Tredu Apprenticeship Services advises on all apprenticeship matters.

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