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Help for using the joint application system with Aatu’s YouTube videos

Aatu Itkonen, a media professional who graduated from Tredu earns his living as a magician and event and TV presenter. He also films the Aatu Amiksessa YouTube video series presenting the everyday life at Tredu.

Curious about trying different things

When filming the Aatu Amiksessa videos, Aatu likes to try on different tasks together with the students. The videos present different fields of study and can be helpful when you are trying to decide what could be your field in the joint application system. On the videos, you can check if Aatu can get his seams straight when he is sewing a fabric bag or learn, what button you should push in the cabin of a forest machine to make it peel and saw a log.

Aatu encourages young people to apply for their own dream jobs. Strong motivation makes you thrive.

Did you know...

  • Tredu offers 26 vocational qualifications, 21 further vocational qualifications, 11 specialist vocational qualifications as well as preparatory training and immigrant training courses.
  • Spring application period in the joint application system from 23 February to 23 March 2021.
  • With the continuous admissions you can start your studies all year round.