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International Tredu

Tampere Vocational College Tredu is an active player in international activities. In Tredu, every member of students and staff is offered a possibility to internationalize themselves through various ways. International atmosphere can be sensed in Tredu campuses through different people and visitors with various backgrounds, thematic happenings and not least by internationally-oriented content in the curricula. Certain vocational qualifications or parts os them can also be studied completely in English.

Yearly around 300 Tredu students also have the chance to complete part of their studies abroad. Similar number of students from international partners are welcomed and hosted by Tredu and its partner companies. Tredu collaborates with over 60 international partners in and outside Europe and is therefore an experienced partner in student and staff mobilities. Tredu has also done ECVET work with international partners for many years and started it through FINECVET projects (since 2005), as one of the first ECVET-piloting in Europe. ECVET is applied in all Tredu's student exchanges and the learning outcomes achieved abroad will be recognised as part of their studies in Tredu.

Tredu applies its own Internationalization strategy, and with its proven quality in organising VET mobility for students and staff Tredu has been accredited as a holder of Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter.