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Opiskelijat seisovat kallion laella vaellusvaatteet päällä ja tuulettavat kuin Everestin huipulla.

Erä- ja luonto-oppaan opinnot

Luontoalan ammattitutkinto - International Wilderness Guide, Further Vocational Qualification in Nature-based Services

Wilderness and Nature Guide is a multidisciplinary expert. Wilderness Guide knows how to operate in wilderness and natural environments, plan and prepare their activities as a guide and guide customer groups in nature, apply their knowledge of the natural world, and see to the group's safety.

Wilderness and Nature Guides are working in various sectors of Nature tourism. The sectors of business vary a lot. There are sledge dog companies, ski/hiking, handicraft-, paddling- and adventure companies. Many of Wilderness Guides are working either as individual guides or sub-contractors for major tourism magnets in Lapland. Due to the fact that Nature tourism is highly season dependent many work as freelancers.

Wilderness Guide is a weatherproof judge of human nature, cook and all-round expert, who knows how to accompany customers to Nature and bring them safely back, so that all the participants feel satisfied and refreshed. Other important things in this field are:

  • environmentally friendly thinking
  • good physical condition
  • The entrepreneurial spirit
  • Social abilities
  • organizational skills
  • interaction and expression skills

Further Vocational Qualification in Nature-Based Services / Luontoalan ammattitutkinto

Holders of a further vocational qualification in nature-based services have mastered the productisation process of nature-based services or products. The further vocational qualification in nature-based services (150 competence points) comprises three competence areas. Tredu offers competence area in wilderness and nature guide services, Wilderness and Nature Guide.

Luontoalan ammattitutkinnon (150 osp) suorittanut osaa tuotteistamisprosessin luontoalan palveluun tai tuotteeseen. Tutkinnossa on kolme osaamisalaa, joista Tredussa voi suorittaa erä- ja luonto-opastuksen osaamisalan opinnot ja valmistua erä- ja luonto-oppaaksi.

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